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Which prayer? What denomination? Which religion?

So which prayer will it be... a protestant one, a Catholic invocation to Mary, a Jewish prayer, a Muslim prayer, a Wiccan prayer? If only one is favored, then it would appear that the government favors one religion over others and therefore it infringes upon the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

It would be interesting to see diverse faiths asking for their prayers and/or invocations to be recited at county meetings.

The 'problem' of living in a diverse society and not in a place like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan is that you must be able to tolerate all beliefs in your community.

It seems that the Brunswick County commissioners are not interested in this very basic tenet of the U.S. democratic system.

Instead, by having a prayer that is denominationally and religiously protestant Christian, they wish to impart that on all residents of the county, of which I am one.

Sadly, Brunswick County commissioners are not at all different from the radical Imams in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, forcing their religious beliefs on all others. The only difference is the brand of religion; but the spirit is the same.

Kudos to the lone dissenter, who understands what living in a democratic and diverse society in the 21st century really means.


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