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Further amplification

For the past few days, I've been hitting on State Agencies and the payroll diversity. There's also quite a bit of apparent redundency in positions.

State Budget & Management lists a total of 84 employees which include:

Special Adviser $98,757
Executive 119,839
Management Executive 119,839
Budget Officer 153,000
Counsel 86,000
5 State Budget Managers 515,009 Total

The top 10 employees rake in $1,092,444 plus state benefits and health coverage as well as maybe a state vehicle or 2.

Board of Elections lists a total of 33 employees incuding:

Executive Secretary $117,397
Technology Director 97,969
General Counsel 91,229
Application Analyst 81,170
2 IT Managers 176,730

So the top 6 employees draw in $564,495 plus bennies and health insurance.

What amazes me, in this Department is the compensation for the auditors and folks who do the field work to ensure elections are on the up and up. They average less than $50,000 per. Heck, they's be better off getting a transfer to the Education Lottery.

What puzzles me throughout the review of all these agencies is the presence of at least 1, in some cases more, attorney on the Department staff. Why is there such a need for all these attroneys?

You also have to wonder how there could be so much allegded campaign fraud in the news, and fingers pointing at both the sitting and former Governors when you have an overstaffed and over compensated State Board of Ethics and a State Board of Elections.

You would think with all these people, drawing all those dollars and benefits, there would be no need for the Governor to call for transparency. You also have to wonder why it takes Federal participation to get some of these cases to the bar of justice. Don't we have something called the SBI?


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