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Why don't You Get Informed?

Why is it necessary for untold millions to be expended every year, across the state, to provide Resource Officers in every school?

That's every school, elementary through High, in every county.

That's got to amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars daily to have a Sheriff's Deputy on site.

Why is that?

Every taxpayer should be outraged at an education system which has so little ability to maintain order that it is necessary to tie up thousands of deputies throughout the state.

Every student, whose behaviour is so uncivilized that an officer is required to maintain order, should be suspended and sent home and not allowed back onto the school grounds until his or her parents accept responsibility and accountability for their behaviour. If necessary, let the parents man the school hallways. Maybe Mom & Dad's presence at school will calm down characters like "Puff" and all these other personnas who think they are greater than the education system.

If they have any other purpose on campus, other than taking advantage of the educational process and resources, they should be out. Throw them off the campus so they can not disrupt class and interfere with those students who are there trying to get an education.

OR, equip all the teachers, counselors, and Staff members with cattle prods which should be used whenever a student feels the need to be disruptive.


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