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a payback and doing a payback are 2 different things.

The money's just not going to be there to do all she's promised.

If she wants to start by setting an example, she should voluntarily waive salary for the remainder of her term. She & the First Gentlemen own a house in the Chapel Hill area with a tax value in excess of $1.4 million and she owns one in the New Bern area worth something in the neighborhood of $750,000.

Step 2 -- stop traveling & remain in state to focus on issues and solutions.

It seems like every 3 months she's on another jaunt at the taxpayer expense. She departs on Sunday for Germany, and rumor has it will include a stop in England. She's been in office 16 months. She's had 2 out of country vacations (including one during her first 30 days in office), a trip to China, a trip to Hollywood, and now Germany.

Was she elected to travel or provide leadership for the state? Has anyone seen any business development or foriegn investment as a result of her travels? What's going to be different with this trip to Europe?

Step 3 -- cut the salary of every state employee to a maximum of $150,000. How in this economy, can the State afford to pay $240,000+ to the Head of the State Art Museum in Raleigh or a similar amount to the head of the Education Lottery. There's a cornicopia full of state employees making well over $150,000 plus benefits and in some cases state vehicles. They can'nt handle the pay cut then put the employee on a performance based compensation plan. Tie, as an example, compensation for the Director of the Education Lottery to the net profits being deposited to the Education Fund.

Step 4 -- require every state Agency with more than one Assistant Director or Manager to justify the need for the excess. Some of these Agencies, and I've noted them in various posts, have a Head, an Assistant Head, then Managers & Supervisors. The Education Lottery is probably one of the worst examples with a squad of over paid Directors, Assistant Directors, Managers, and so forth.

Step 5 -- cut the compensation of every appointee, the ones who serve at the Governor's pleasure and earn $100,000 or more for 6 to 8 days per month of work, to no more than $50,000. There are a whole slew of Commissioners, such as the recently appointed heads of the Prison Commission and the State Utilities Commission, who've left elected office for the appointed office. And, then waive their right to state retirement and health benefits if they serve 2 years or more.

Step 6 -- be an Education Governor and hold the local school boards accountable. Demand that the in school atmosphere improve to the point there will be no need for school resource officers. Get tough with the disruptive, thug element which is apparently in so many schools.

There's a 6 point plan for starters.

I wonder how many candidates for election this year would agree to these terms?


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