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Candidates should fight their own battles

As news content manager and political reporter here at WWAY I sift through a lot of junk from politicians, especially candidates running for political office. Frankly, I've had it. I'm tired of the name calling and finger pointing. Seriously. The bulk of the myriad e-mails I get each day look like notes you may have passed during class in the fourth grade.

So I have a message for candidates and politicians in general: Learn to fight your own battles!

Instead of the endless stream of news releases and blast e-mails to media and potential donors, put your big boy or big girl undies on and take care of it yourself. You're a Democrat who thinks a Republican is liar and a cheat? Call that Republican and let him know. You're a Republican who thinks a Democrat is ruining the world you love? Walk to his office and tell him where to stick it. And that goes double for candidates, especially the ones in the same party! Think your opponent is buying votes and spreading vicious lies about you? Go to his next campaign function, stand up in the middle of the room and call him out. But for the love of God, leave me out of it.

I am tired of the whining from politicians. I'm tired of the name calling. And most of all I'm tired of it going through third parties. You signed up for this. No one made you run for office. You knew what you were getting into. If you didn't, then you need to go away forever.

Now, I'm not saying we need to go back to the days of challenging a rival to a duel. After all, Aaron Burr's legacy is being the guy who shot Alexander Hamilton. But at least they handled it themselves in the end. Certainly there is a more appropriate way to handle it now, but hiding behind your e-mail address is certainly not it.

Oh, and one more note for politicians, especially on the state level: You want coverage in my community? Try coming here. Yes, you know who you are, Mr.-US-Senate-Hopeful. And if you don't, your staff does, because I called your press guy out for trying to get me to cover your dog and pony shows in other parts of the state when you won't come to the coast. I thought your guy learned his lesson when he at least remembered our conversation and called me to say you'd be in town for the Azalea Festival. Problem is, he didn't know your schedule, and he never called back with the info, and we never saw you in town. So good luck in the primary. I told him we'd meet with you if you showed up. Where were you?

Yes, my patience has run short with the usual rigamarole of the political process. It is indeed time for a change. But it's you politicians who need to do the changing.

By: Kevin Wuzzardo


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