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The real story...

should be the motivation of this 'anonymous' person that was not really disguised in the news report. Why don't they find out why she wants Dr. Griffith removed? Could it be she has some motivation, such as angling for the job, and might she be getting her degree in a few weeks (online) so she'll have the proper 'qualifications' (barely) to take the director's job if it just happened to come open? And does she happen to know well the one Commissioner who is being vocal about this and can't seem to comment enough about it, Commissioner Brown? Or how about her neighbor, who might happen to be on the board of health?
Find those answers and this whole 'employee complaint' issue starts to look like a real scam. Try doing some actual reporting work and it will become apparent.
If there are problems, let's help fix them, but don't reward this 'anonymous' woman for trying to play dirty politics for her personal gain, and ruining the reputation of someone who has worked hard for the people of the county in the process. This woman trying to oust the current director using these tactics in order to steal his job is what they should be reporting on.


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