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It's statements like this that make me worry about the future of our country.

There is no ordinance regulating the size of the American Flag in Leland. There is however, an ordinance stating that a flag larger than 60 square feet is considered a banner sign. Signs are in fact regulated, and you can't argue the fact that this business is using the flag as a sign, to draw attention to itself and bring in more customers.

Now, while I agree with most - the flag should be left alone - I disagree with your statements and the ideas behind them.

You have shown no thought processes behind your remarks. You obviously haven't researched the town code, you immediately resort to labeling every single person in the town government as socialists, and apparently have *no* idea what the word 'deport' means. Deport the town officials? Deport them to where? Here? They are already in their country of origin.

I'm not trying to bash you or start an argument, all I'm saying is how about a little critical thinking before making generalized statements that misconstrue and mislead? It isn't wise to base your outlook on hasty generalizations. Don't base your political views on Hannity and Glenn Beck. All I'm asking is for a little understanding of the subject matter before going off on a tirade. Thank you.


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