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Pender's Misfortune

I feel sure any anonymous allegations have already been dealt with by management at the Health Dept and are being overlooked by the local media who are “forced fed” by a couple of the Commissioners knowing they can say anything they want and have it published.

My suspicion is that one of the Commissioners has been in cahoots with Ms. Anonymous for some time and wants to place her in the Doctor’s position for political reasons. I went online and looked at a breakdown of the Pender County Health Department and noticed the Health Director oversees Environmental Health. Environmental Health covers permits for some interesting areas:

“On-site wastewater services to the community for the evaluation and permitting of soils for septic systems; 2. Inspection of food handling establishments for the maintenance of sanitary food handling practices; 3. Swimming Pool Inspections; and 4.Water well monitoring and approvals. Environmental Health Specialists are also actively involved in a county wide program to sample ambient water ways for pollution and drinking water for bacterial and chemical contaminants”.

Control of this Department would be very beneficial for anyone needing to do any political favors in the “Good Old Boy” system. County environmental permitting is not a position that needs to be abused with “under the table” deals by our county officials. Not these days for sure.

I also believe we have an angry and “disgruntled Commissioner” lurking in this cesspool of accusations with intentions of “personal vengeance” and is using this unfortunate situation attempting to do away with this person.

I also feel that the SBI should get involved in this investigation as well. The Commissioners need to be “kept in check”. This is not Pender County of the 1950s and they can’t do whatever and whenever they choose.

We need better representation in Pender County and these immature acts from immature officials should not be tolerated any longer.


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