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Really April?

because I disagree that this case is a WASTE of taxpayers time and racially initiated that I have to be a druggie or a homie...Pierce should pay the price for eluding the police, drugs in the car and go to jail but in NO WAY is he responsible for someone who was behind the wheel of a car that he/she was driving..My heart really goes out to the family of the police officer but lets be honest..if this was a white man who had done this, who we even be having this discussion..Im sorry but Wilmington is becoming so racially bias that its one step away from creating the 1800 race riot..We got to do better in this city of ours and come together as a community and stop setting precedants for only a minority set..I really hope that the police officer dosent get behind you and you take a second longer in pulling over and god forbid he gets hurt in the process because guess what, you will be staring down the judge as pierce in attempted murder.


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