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take a second look....

I am sorry but I have to disagree with you on your racial comments. In fact, the racial bias that we experienced is completely the other way around. I know of a few students here in Wilmington who are getting bullied only because they are white, and small.
The racism thing is a two way street. I am REALLY tired of hearing people fall back on race as an excuse or way out. It does NOT matter if you are black, white, blue, yellow, etc. what is wrong is wrong and NO ONE'S race should even be mentioned.
We are in the year 2010, no one living today was a slave nor a slave owner...that was all of our is in the past and we need to look to the future without trying to use our race as an excuse. That is NOT classy nor just. I feel sorry for all the families involved and the thugs, criminals, gang members etc are the people who we should be upset with, for taking away our freedoms to feel safe on the streets of Wilmington. Lets put our focus on what is productive and help FIGHT crime..instead of focusing on the past of our ancestors.


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