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More Taxes

"Massive public closings," huh? A few branch libraries and parks closed. Non-essential things.

Look, everyone has had to make sacrifices in their personal quality of life. We don't eat out as often, don't buy top-shelf brands and are always looking for ways to do more with less. We've learned to separate our wants from our needs and it's time the county commission did the same. Airlie Garden absolutely does NOT need to be open every day of the week. Parks and ball fields absolutely do NOT need to be lit at taxpayer expense. Let the users pay for lighting. There are numerous opportunities for the county to cut expenses but for some reason, Jason Thompson thinks we need to continue to have a "world class" garden and not impact the quality of life in any way.

Well, my quality of life has already been impacted. I used to travel on "world class" vacations, eat in "world class" restaurants and own " world class" cars. But not any more. I've learned to live on much less. The county can and should do the same.

There seems to be a huge disconnect between the county commission and county residents.


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