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As a county employee let me break it down for you:
1. No raise in 3 years
2. Pay cut by 2% (40 hours) in fiscal year 08/09
3. Salary cut by 80 hours (4%) in FY 09/10 Because of the FY break down, I will lose 3 weeks of pay in 2010 alone.
4. Most NHC Employees make less than $40K a year.
5. Leave accrual has been taken away. (at least you are still getting your 2 days)
6. Cost of the health benefits increased to keep the same coverage.
7. Holiday closing help save county/state money. We are not the Fed gov't so what holiday are we getting that isn't a real holiday?

Don't post comments about things you really do not have a clue on. Last time I checked, $37K a year is not enough to live on in NHC. The sales tax also helps pay for some of your Police, Fire/Rescue services which are very important & are also being cut, so it isn't just a few parks & libraries. The county employees are also responsible for the disaster relief, lets hope that we don't have a Hurricane this season. But hey, we'll remember your comments about our "cushy" jobs when you've been forced to a shelter that we are required to man during storms. Oh, last time I checked, working for the Sheriff's Dept, Social Services, the Health Dept & Waste Management were not the easiest jobs or "cushy" jobs as some of you put it. Those are all county funded Depts. Let me see you work in the middle of trash/sewer all day, or pull all night shifts to keep the community safe. Let's see you deal with sick children/elderly or with the disadvantaged residents of NHC on a daily basis. What comments would you make if you were on this side of the fence. We are not out begging for your money. We are not the reason the county is in it's budget situation. If anything it is YOU that forced the county into it's budget issues as residents demanding services. I really think you need to do some research on what your resident County is actually responsible for that does AFFECT your daily life before making blind comments.


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