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The problems in the republican party

The problem with voting a straight Republican ticket is this ... they (the Republican party) need to understand the mistakes they have made .... yes IT has made, in order to fix things (kind of like when your wife leaves you and you blame it all on her, taking none of the responsibility ... then the next one leaves too ... should you be surprised?) ... they are the reason the Democrats are in office right now. You mention Marxist as a democrat trait and in the next sentence talk about certain classes of citizens that should not have rights ... this kind of rhetoric is typical of the things the Republican needs to come to terms with. Young people voted Obama into the White House ... not because of economics ... they are not experienced with that yet (This is why, once they get older their Utopia views of the world change) ... the thing that has turned them to Obama and the rest of the liberals is because of the non-tolerant stance of the Republican party. It is time for real Republicans to say enough is enough with their so-called conservatives ... I call them so-called conservatives because the only time the constitution concerns them is when it has to do with money ... their views on personal rights is for %&#t, and they somehow mistakenly believe the framers of the constitution gave us a Christian-based Government ... Barry Goldwater told all republicans this was coming, back when the "Moral Majority" (which is neither, by the way) started their assault on the American people ... as he said ... "get out of the bedroom and back in the boardroom"


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