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Reality of this situation

Ill be the 1st one to admit the guy is likely a scum of the earth criminal period but that being said. The officer who died was not in active pursuit he was heading to the pursuit going apparently over 100mph on a road designed nowhere near that speed. Drug possession check, weapons violation likely, stolen vehicle yes but Im sorry you cant convict him of a murder or death of an officer who was as much if not more to blame for his own death for driving recklessly (Ive had EVOC myself and to drive as fast as he did was inexcusible period). It might have been different had the officer been actively involved in the pursuit at the time possibly to the point of vehicular manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter but again the officer who died was not actively in the pursuit he was driving too fast for conditions and imagine the lawsuit Wilmington wouldve had on their hands had this officer killed somebodyelse besides himself when he drove recklessly.. I feel for his family yes and like I said the guy on trial likely is a criminal of the nth degree but his actions were not directly caused by this individual as much as Ben David might want it to be true.


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