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Think People..

This is not about us.. It is not about the now..
It is about your legacy..
How will you be known when you are gone? What did you do right? What did you stand for?
Did you do all that you could, to protect our County and provide a quality life, as environmentally clean as possible? Did you do what you could, to stop any and all pollution so that our children, your children, and our future generations can also have a clean, non-polluted place to live?
Titan proclaims that it is only a tiny amount of mercury... Mercury is a deadly poison that has adverse effects on everything it touches, in any amounts...
Why would you want to introduce that into the waters where we live? Why would you knowingly want to expose your future generations to ANY poison that you didn't have to?
What about the next business that wants to build who will release a "safe" amount of poisons? And the next?
By allowing Titan, you are setting the precident that it is ok for companies to build and dump POISON into our Rivers.. You are saying it is ok to destabilize our fragile wetlands and ecosystem. You are saying it is ok for your family to be exposed to poisons and to eat marine life which has had direct contact to those poisons...
And.. you are setting a poor example in teaching our children what is the right thing to do...
It is clear that the majority of this county does NOT want these poisons dumped into out Rivers.. When will our cCounty Comissioners step up to the plate and stop this? All it takes is one simple rezoning ordinance...
Don't allow it, and give our children a chance for a healthy future...


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