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A message from Ilario Pantano

First we give thanks and glory to God. "With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Next we thank our tireless volunteers and supporters. You labored non-stop for ninety days to literally build a grass roots campaign from scratch. In the process our little team broke a few records! Countless thanks go to the folks behind the scenes who made our success possible. You have shown the country that a common sense conservative approach to promoting job creation by reducing taxes and cutting spending, protecting the homeland, and preserving conservative values can actually succeed in a district dominated by democrats for over 140 years.

Thank you to Randy Crow, Will Breazeale, and all of their loyal supporters.This process, including the nine debates in every county, made all of us better candidates. We are blessed by your fellowship and look forward to working with you all to channel the positive energy and vigor you brought to this primary fight towards restoring our conservative values in government. The hard work of your teams made us all stronger candidates. But more importantly it has strengthened and battle tested our party for what will no doubt be an epic struggle to come. Throughout the district we have seen new blossoms of Republican activity by citizens that are finally daring to believe that a conservative victory can be, in NC-7. Now is the time and this is the place.

Let's roll.

Ilario Pantano


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