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Sorry I voted for you, Will

(I'm coming out of my self-imposed retirement and sure hope that WWAY doesn't censor this one!)

Yes, I voted for you on Tuesday. Like you, I have serious questions about Pantano, most of which revolve around his qualifications and even, to some degree, his integrity.

Unlike you, I would never sacrifice my professionalism to post such a whining hissy fit as you just did.

You are, above ALL else, a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserve. Accordingly, it is totally inappropriate and unprofessional for you to be second-guessing an Article 32 investigation that was signed off by a flag officer. By referring to Pantano as "getting away with murder," that's exactly what you're doing....and it's wrong. You KNOW it's wrong!

When you have three stars on your collar, feel free to question the findings of those men who are currently your superior officers. Until then, it's "Aye, aye sir, three bags full." When you raised your right arm, you lost the right to question the officers appointed over you.

Please don't fall back on "that's what the McIntyre campaign will do." They are civilians, they know no better, and I expect nothing more from then. Let me also add that to date I've heard nothing of that nature from McIntyre - only your people.

YOU, on the other hand, are a commissioned officer and I'd suggest that you sit down and have a good heart-to-heart with yourself. If you have enough time in, I'd suggest retirement. If not, then why not ask yourself what's truly important to you - being a professional military officer, or being a typical, sleazy politician who will engage his mouth before engaging his brain.

The choice is yours, but you can't have it both ways. Part-time soldier does not equate to part-time professional.


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