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Government forcing their hand in your pockets.....

....taking your money. Well, there's no coddling anymore, no flowers after the fact and definitely no kisses to say thanks. They take your money at THEIR whim and walk away smiling about it. Any opportunity the government finds to dip into someone's income goes full bore and they aren't a bit bashful or ashamed of their greed.
Hey!!! Here's an idea! How about forcing all of the irritating scooter riders to get a moped tag for 50 dollars and then force them to get a 50 dollar vehicle inspection so they aren't riding around without proper lighting, bald tires and no brakes. And then they could tax them as well, SORT OF like the rest of us. If they would even enforce the current 50cc and 30mph max. laws, they would make a fortune. A fortune is what they need because it's very clear they cannot manage the one they already have!!!


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