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Illegal Discrimination

I think the point that everyone keeps missing is that the local government has no legal "right" to charge fees on these machines.

Think about it this way...because North Carolina does not allow "gambling" these places offer services that fall legally under "sweepstakes" laws already existing.

These are the same laws that govern soda companies with winning numbers under the cap. When you go home, log in to a soda company and type in your "code" you are entering a sweepstakes competition. In essence, your home computer just became a sweepstakes terminal!

So, these places sell a product (just like the drink you buy at a fast food joint with a peel off game piece) and then you get free sweepstakes entries. Instead of going home to type in a code on your computer...they PROVIDE a computer for you. The only difference is, when you enter the game it SIMULATES a Las Vegas style game so it looks fun. In the end, just like the soda cap, you may win or lose.

So, what give the city counsel the right to discriminate against these "retailers"? How can they pick on one sweepstakes company...and not on all the others? Can they charge the local McDonalds a fee of $2000.00 for the cup dispensers that dispense the winning or losing peel off ticket cups? There is NO DIFFERENCE!

If they can attack these businesses...then all sweepstakes contests must fall under the SAME regulation or it's blatant discrimination!!!

If it's not discrimination...then they need to explain why they have not taxed soda companies $2000.00 for each cooler that dispenses sodas with sweepstakes under the caps! Or why they have not taxed fast food joints $2000.00 for the cup dispensers that dispense cups with sweepstakes entries on them! Or tax car dealerships for the old "bring this key in and see if you won a car" notifications!

If you use a search engine and look up sweepstakes in North Carolina you see the tourism site ( pop up. If you look at the state's website under the URL( the state is operating over 60 sweepstakes competitions!!!

This boils down to greed, discrimination and politics. What is happening to our state???!!!



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