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Food Sweepstakes VS. Video Sweepstakes

A phone card IS a tangible item. For every dollar I put on a phone card...I receive 20 minutes of calling card time anywhere in the USA.

When you purchase one of these phone cards you get FREE sweepstakes entries. In other words, even if I lose on all of the sweepstakes entries...the card's minutes DON'T go away. I still get value for my money.

I am happy that you enjoy food purchases as a way to receive your sweepstakes. However, I enjoy playing sweepstakes and don't wish to consume 20 cups of Coke to enter 20 times. I am admittedly a phone card is a good "diet" for me and a way to still enjoy playing.

I am sorry that you don't enjoy sweepstakes establishments...they are not everyone's proverbial "cup of tea". However, does your dislike for them mean that others do not have the right to spend their hard earned money as they wish?

As for the odds that Mr. Daniel's spoke about...he is correct on all accounts. Sweepstakes contests ALWAYS have set odds. Companies ALWAYS know how many tickets they have released to the world. If they didn't...if it was some sort of random number that was generated...then it would be GAMBLING and NOT sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes competitions always have a finite number of winning tickets. Think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...there were only five "Golden Tickets".

When I walk in to a sweepstakes center I know that there are a set number of winners...and I just hope it's me that day.




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