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Okay, instead of having a 2 or 3 cent increase on our property taxes which will cost us more, we'll have 1 cent on property & 1/4 percentage on sales tax. Sales tax can be controlled. If you are not spending unnecessarily then the sales tax isn't going to affect you that much. They DID NOT raise the sales tax on gas & food which is what most in this economy are spending their money on. I feel those who didn't vote for the sales tax increase are the real "suckas" as you put it. Why as a property owner should I be soley responsible for the services maintained by the county, when in fact I personally do not get to enjoy them as often as I'd like. I'm not sitting on the beach all day, or enjoying downtown Wilm or having a leisurely day at the library. Because of my work schedule & the cutbacks libraries are no longer open on Sundays. Let the tourists help pay for some of that. Why as a homeowner should I be soley responsible for providing fire/police/rescue services & money to fund our schools when renters also receive these services. Why should a family who's main provider lost their job have to wait longer to receive services needed to feed their children because of staff reductions. Let's face it, many of those receiving public assistance (not under extreme circumstances) are not property owners. The sales tax helps spread this burden & responsiblity to everyone using services in NHC whether they reside here or not. Why don't you do some research and inform yourself before lashing out. This was a very tough decision for the residents in NHC. People did take this seriously & looked at the overall picture & the bottom line. And lets not forget that the commissioners are also residents of NHC and property owners. What decisions they make will also AFFECT them. If you have ideas and suggestions that would actually benefit this county, why don't you offer your suggestions to the commissioners instead of calling them idiots. I believe the Elections Board has their email addresses on file.


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