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Hey! City employee "yoDennis"!

How about in the next year of your glorious employment that you just thanked the idiotic sucker voters for, why don't you try this:
Why don't you watch for areas of waste within the City government, research the waste that exists in the city funded programs, be aware of the wasted tax money going to mindless museums and convention centers and other pet projects. Just open your eyes, look, see, listen and absorb. Then you can command that your leaders do what they are SUPPOSED to do in managing budgets, just like YOU have to do. Do not depend on or thank your taxpayers for keeping your job. That is not one piece of our concern. The taxpayers have a duty to stop the government form spending more than they have and to prevent waste and corruption.

So you want to keep your job next year too? Do you believe this to be the end of your job security threat? WAKE UP!!! Bust your city leaders and hold THEM accountable!!! Their waste and irresponsibility of OUR money is what controls whether you have a job or not!!! You're pulling your cheese from the wrong darned pot!!!


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