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There was hope

I have been in chronic pain for 2 years and was released from my Doctor to a pain clinic.. I suffer from RA and thought I had finally found someone not scared to treat me! I had only gone 3 times and finally had my life back.. Does our Gov. really give a damn about who is taking pills or is it just a MONEY ISSUE like everything else... to me this just proves we as US citizens live under DICTATION!!! Now I find myself on another search for someone to help me! As a Police officer told me along time ago " they will NEVER stop the drug world as you see it is economics" .... Not that I considered Dr. Dyer a drug dealer! But this is for all the concerned people who think they can make a difference!! I do hope that I can find someone who will listen to me about the pain I live in, there are people who truly need medication to give them their lives back!AS for the ones dope seeking there are PLENTY of places besides a Dr. office where they will go! I see it as the the mistake Dr. dyer made was NOT CHARGING TAX!! Our Gov. has figured out a way to Tax METHADONE and distribute it legally. Eleven dollars a day and you can get dosed with a legal form of heroin.. How's that for CONCERN!!!!


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