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Dr. Dyer

Ok, so yes there is a need for treatment for chronic pain. I work for a pain management facility, and we do prescribe a bit of pain medicaiton. But, pain medication is NOT always the answer. We also treat other ways too, and by NO means do we accept CASH only!!! That is the 1st clue that something was wrong. Trust me he was quite the talk of the medical profession for a few months. He didn't have a good track record, and for those of you who really NEED the pain medicine, and have probable cause for your pain, can get the treatment you need at a well established, good faith, and TRUE caring physicians office, not a quick fix cash depot. If your physician referred you there to get your monthly prescriptions, then maybe you should re-think your other physicians as well. In fact, even if the "chronic pain" is out of their speicialty, they have dea prescribing license just like any other prescribing MD, they may have started you on medication, gotten you addicted to it, and decided they are prescribing too much, and it is getting out of hand, that's when they pass you on. Yes, some people truley need pain management, and we help a lot of people, but there is a right way and a wrong way, and the right patient, and the wrong patient. Good docs and Bad, thank god for the GOOD ones!


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