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Dr. Dyer

Man this is a sad day for people in my and many others situation cronic pain.I was injured in 1992 and have had to live with sevier pain since that day not to mintune as a teenager i was hit by a car while on my motorcycle and in 2 bad car accadents as a teenager neather of them my fault.I am not a patient of Dr.Dyer but do depend on a pain get threw each day i wake up.Befor finally being refured to a pain specialest i put a .38 special smith & wesson in my mouth one day hammer cocked crying thumb on the trigger when i looked at my front door and had the thought that when my wife and son come home and open that door what they would see my brains all over the wall and that thought kept me from following through thank God for putting the thought in my head that stopped me.Sevier cronic non stop pain is NO JOKE its real and at times is overwelming at times and there are not no where near enough Dr.'s to treat the people that need them.I didn't know anything about this insadent til i went to my appointment today, follow up with my pain specialist i was piss tested questioned and almost treated as a criminal for needing there services.The DEA needs to find real drug dealers to horass and leave the few Dr;s helping us alone its redickuless why dont they go south and patrol our borders and catch the drug dealers coming into our country illegally with sacks of coke,pot,heron ect. but i know there is not enough money in that to peek there interest and there probably worried they will get shot at by real drug dealers as they have nothing to loose.I feel sorry for Dr. Dyers patients as they are worried to death whats to come when they take there last dose on pain control meds.


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