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TO: (You have got to be kidding)- and others of the same unfounded opinion. You are stating your opinions which are not fact based, but only on what you "THINK" you know...I have known Dr. Dyer better than anyone on this thread or any others in Wilmington. I can assure you he is not even close to a so called "PILL PUSHER"! The raw truth here is that he tried to turn in a real "DRUG DEALER" and the "POWERS THAT BE" refused to do anything about the situation. (KINDA MAKES YA WONDER WHY THEY WOULD NOT ACT AND ASK WHAT BENEFIT THEY WERE RECEIVING BY NOT ACTING)???? Dr. Dyer then wrote a letter to the "POWERS THAT BE" repremanding the office for allowing this activity to continue and taking advantage of honest people who really did need professional Medical Care to manage their pain on a lawful basis. These "POWERS THAT BE" in conjunction with other "POWERS THAT BE" then, in short order had his office raided and set Dr.Dyer up for the fall using a plant and a "SNITCH" who lied about everything. This was nothing more than a vendata by the "POWERS THAT BE" and "OTHER POWERS THAT BE" due to Dr. Dyer trying to utilize the law as it should have been utilized. Want proof??? Dr. Dyer is "STILL" under arrest and has yet to experience his day in court which he has requested many times. They have denied his right to a speedy and fair trial for over two years now and pretty close to three years. How about that for justice in your good, little, law abiding, town of "WILMINGTON"?? So clean and law abiding that you allow a one or two man self appointed "Judge and Jury" to run herd over the law as they see fit to do as they please without regard for what is right or wrong. This is not to mention what else is alive and well in your rightous little town with all you do gooders who have not a clue as to what is really taking place. They have ruined him, broken him financially, left him destitute, and living only on Social Security. They raided his savings, he has lost his home, his auto, and every tangible item he ever owned. He is now living like a destitute broke individual, on social security only, and has nothing to show for years of profound work helping others both as a General Doctor and saving many lives in the Operating Rooms all over the country on hundreds of occasions. He was a well known and well respected Physician by the Medical Community all up and down the Eastern Section of the U.S. from Florida to New York State. His research and work is still remembered at more than one University Medical Center in the Eastern U.S. to this very day. This was nothing, but a vendictive assination by "POWERS THAT BE" along with Wilmington Politics at it's dirty worst. BELIEVE ME--I KNOW!!!...Signed (A Law Enforcement Agent who worked on this case)


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