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Caster opposing a tax increase?

Oh. He just wants to reduce must be an election year, huh Bill?

Reading this story, one should not miss the irony of the premature concern about bond ratings for future projects. That's like worrying about a stain on your carpet while a broken pipe is flooding your house, because there will be no future projects if people start leaving this county for greener, less taxed pastures. High urban taxation is one of the largest reasons in fostering suburban growth and in tiny New Hanover County, suburban growth means OUT of the county.

Review the history of the formerly thriving cities in the Rustbelt and you will find the same argument pitched - "Raise taxes to protect our bond rating. Raise taxes to pay for more and more private projects. Raise taxes to now pay for critical services because we've blown all our money on non-essential crap we thought was cool."

How long before a local income tax comes to town?

It didn't work there, it won't work here. The people who are the most capable of paying higher taxes are also the most capable of leaving! The commissioners mistakenly believe that the retirees won't move again. (I know of two couples who are heading for Tennessee and another couple heading to Florida, all because of taxes.) The commissioners don't realize that many corporations consider the welfare of their employees before choosing a location, and "Oh, but we have a beautiful garden you can pay even more money to visit" is no trade-off for high taxes. Young couples just starting their careers need a pro-business, low tax environment. Wilmington, New Hanover County, and North Carolina now all miss the mark in that regard.

Everyone should be sick of it. How much do we waste on museums, soccer leagues, Airlie Gardens, and a dozen other pet projects that are no business of government? For God's sake, people, we're furloughing county employees and cutting back on teachers to pay for museums that can't support themselves because they stink!

As long as the people of New Hanover County keep electing people such as Caster (and the village idiot Thompson) you DESERVE the back-slapping, rubber-stamped corruption and financial mismanagement that have become the hallmarks of this county.


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