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Indeed! I keep questioning

Indeed! I keep questioning this as well. Why have I been paying MORE tax on a home that will not sell anywhere close to what the county deems it's "tax value". What a bunch of crooks! Reassess the tax values...oh wait...they would probably end up owing us (The Homeowners) money for these past few years that we have been already OVERPAYING!

PLEASE people get it together and VOTE! We need these idiots out of office...and Jason Thompson..WHAT A JOKE! Why do you think people were eager to get him away holding a city counsel position when he was in office? We need to learn from past mistakes! Have you ever actually attended one of the city or county meetings and seen his demeanor and attitude towards the general public? It's disgusting! It is time for fresh faces and fresh ideas in New Hanover County! If more people had got off of their behinds the other day and actually went to the polls, maybe this sales tax would not have passed! I voted, and I voted NO! I knew it was a scare tactic when they made all of the statements about having to close certain things such as Arlie Gardens. Maybe Arlie should be handled by a private party- it seems our county should have bigger priorities. It's NO big SURPRISE that we see this mess ONCE again about property taxes the DAY AFTER the votes were counted stating that our sales tax is ONCE again going up!


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