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New Hanover Tax Man Cometh

Unfortunately, what's done is done and we can't undo what's been done. We can thank the selfish or ignorant fools who voted to take their neighbors money by electing high-tax special interests to the County and City government.

But what we can do is send them all a message by voting for the most ethical, decent candidate opposed to wasteful spending for good ole boys and the high taxes needed to pay for that spending we've seen in years. And in the process, by voting for that candidate, Brian Berger, on June 22, we can remove from office a career politician who has been robbing us left and right for years, spending our money like his own credit card, negotiating to bring Titan Cement here, giving us the ABC corruption, the Cape Fear Utility authority, and...'s time to send our leaders a message by electing Brian Berger, the principled candidate, over the career politician who spent 50 times more than Berger but barely got more votes.

Let's all get behind Berger and he will be our eyes and ears in County government. We haven't had that in so long...

Who's with me?


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