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Who cares if Lambeth resigns?

Personally, I don't particularly agree with the Kure Beach Town Council's decision to ban thongs on the beach. To me, it seems there would be more important things for the council to worry about, and quite frankly, I think I can count on 1 hand the number of thongs I've seen on Kure beach in the past year. Be that as it may, it is, of course, the council's right to approve such a ban, as it's the voter's right to vote for council member's who's views match (or closely match) their own so I say, have at it.

But, for the Mayor of a town to comment on the political leanings of the nation as an indicator of whether Kure Beach will be sued over the ban is, quite frankly, laughable and completely asinine. The whole point of tourism is to cast your area in as POSITIVE a light as possible, which is not helped when you make snide comments to a national news organization reporter in the age of the internet.

What he said was crass, and personally, I think the town council members have a right to be upset. It was not they who questioned his political leanings or political correctness (or at least as in so far the news has reported). Why did he have to make an issue of it, and then threaten to resign because he's not going to change his conservative views. I say let him resign.

The job of a Mayor is not to force a particular political viewpoint on the citizens who elected him. Rather, it's his job to do what's in the best interest of Kure Beach, and that includes promoting tourism, developing the local economy, and adopting policies that make fiscal (and common) sense for Kure Beach. Perhaps he should keep that in mind before making future comments on the legality of town ordinances and bans.


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