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Another fine example of the

Another fine example of the erosion of freedom in America by a vocal minority bent on forcing their views down our throats. In a fine sense of irony, this particular freedom hater is actually named Neumeister, which translates literally to "New Master" -and doesn't that shoe just fit perfectly.

Maybe some of us do not like seeing obese people stuffing their face and leaving McDonalds bags all over the beach, yet we aren't out raising taxes on your habit or forcing you to change your life, much less banning your disgusting habit from public places.

There are penalties for littering, and as a previous poster said, how do butts not fall under the category of litter? The answer is that they already do, and a fine already exists for the act of throwing a butt on the ground. This is nothing more than some petty little tinpot dictator haughtily telling others what they can or cannot do, while trying to dress up her totalitarian views in the sheep's clothing of environmental concern. It is her kind, and their belief that they have the right to tell the rest of us how to live that eat this nation like a cancer.

Doubtless, she is pleased to have forced us out of resturants and bars, and into the parking lot (where her SUV belches toxins the likes of which our poor cigarette couldn't dream of aspiring to) and hopes to force us off the beaches as well.

Good luck, because I think your kind have pushed the public about as far as we are willing to go.


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