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Listen to all of the Commies below!!!

Anti-smoking Nazis, that's all this forum is about. Do any of you self-righteous, self-serving, whiney butts ever think about what you're saying? Smoking outside on the beach isn't going to hurt a sand flea, much less any of you "beautiful" people with the perfect health, while you FRY your skin from intense UV and suck down your suds (which is already illegal at WB). Never, ever wish away ANY rights that are still there!!!! This is still America and all of you crybabies best realize it soon!!!

The problem here is NOT the smoke, it is trash!!! Trash is in many forms on the beach and it comes from MANY other sandwhales than smokers!!!! Busted beach chairs, beer cans, soda cans, water bottles, candy wrappers, busted coolers, lost flip flops, abandoned plastic kids toys, sandwich bags, lost panties, socks, shoes, swim goggles, surfboard leashes, broken surfboards, etc. and this list can go on and on and on. I walk the beach every day and carry an armload of this people induced trash to the can ...EVERYDAY!

So THINK before you decide to bust the chops of one categorical beach visitor. You all are contributors of trash and EVERYONE should pick up their junk and put it in the trash cans that are provided for you!

So go ahead...trash and bash the smokers! Have their rights removed!!! Burn them at the stake in public audience! Just be ready, because if you use ANY of the products of trash listed above...YOU'RE next. No trash means NO YOU on the beach if you cannot be responsible for yourself, stay home and let your mommy pick up after you. Too bad your mammas even let you go on the beach by yourselves!!!

You should be embarrased and ashamed of some of these rediculous posts! If you don't like how things are done here, then book the next available aircraft to Iran or Siberia where you will fit in a bit better!


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