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I think justice should be

I think justice should be served for all families, not just Satu's. This is a very tragic thing. Justice should start at their hearing in court. There should be no 2nd offense, 3rd offense, etc. If you are caught drinking and driving, you should be locked up. Not get a slap on your hand and released to go do it again until you finally kill someone. I agree it is the individuals fault for getting behind that wheel, but they know that nothing will happen to them if they get caught. Our system stinks when it comes to DWI's. My niece was hit by a drunk driver. I thank the Lord that she is still here with us. I mentioned at a MADD meeting that the driver better be glad he didn't kill my niece that night because he would have been killed. I was told that I could get charged with threats. WHAT??!!! I could get charged with threats but this jerk is going to get a slap on his hand and released so he can go do it again? Come on!!!!!!!And taking their license won't do a thing, they will still be driving around.


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