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come on people.....

should he be charged? yes...will he be charged? yes. i have a very close friend that was almost killed by a drunk driver. so i understand the anger towards him. but this is certainly not his familys fault. this is a loss for his family as well as hers. no he isnt dead but he will never be the same. his kids will never know their dad. and his family has to live the rest of their lives knowing what a stupid decision he made. but still this was not their fault and if satu was as great of a person as everybody is saying she is she would understand where me and a few others are coming from on that fact. my friend never ever had any type of anger towards this guys family because it wasnt their fault. people make idiotic mistakes and tragedies like this happen but there is no reason to think badly of his family. he has kids too. and a mom and siblings and so as we all grieve the loss of satu my deepest reguards go out to daniels family for what they are having to endure during this as well.


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