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What about HER FAMILY?

To get behind the wheel of a car/truck KNOWING it is illegal, and WRONG. He knew before he had those drinks there was a chance that something could go wrong, but he didn't care, he still drank and drove. And because of his actions, PEOPLE DIED. That is not to be taken lightly. He has changed some many families lives FOREVER. People he never knew nor will ever know. I am sure he "feels bad" ~ as he should, but guess what, he feels NOTHING compared to the families of the people he KILLED. Getting behind the wheel drunk is just as bad as taking a loaded gun and shooting them.

Oh, and he cannot play innocent ~ he had many run ins with the law, so there tells you what he thinks and the lack of respect of the law.
He ignored what was right and a MOTHER died.
She had a FAMILY who now have no mother because of HIS LACK OF RESPECT FOR THE LAW AND IRRESPONSIBILITY. There is NO excuse for that. You saying "PEOPLE ACT LIKE THEY HAVE NEVER GOT BEHIND THE WHEEL AND HAD A FEW DRINKS" ~~~~~ That is giving him an "oh its ok, others do it, you didnt mean to KILL anyone"

Oh please ~ he MURDERED a person. She was a mother, sister, daughter, aunt ..... She died because of the ignorance of a BOY that thought he was untouchable, that he was invincible and thought he could beat the law AGAIN. There is no excuse for his actions what so ever.

My heart goes out to the family ~ you will be in our prayers ~


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