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New Restructure for NHC Fire

Now lets talk about this great Master Plan for Fire Protection for NHC. I agree a survey from time to time is needed to ensure we are keeping up with the times and continue to provide the top level of service to it's citizens. What I don't agree with is the fact that the person behind getting this survey done, use to be the former fire adminstrator for NHC Fire Phil Kouwe and I remember the first day he started, that he had a hard on for getting rid of the VFD's. I know this because I have heard him say this back then, and again just recently at a Chief's Conference I attended. I believe NHC should have used another company that has no ties with NHC, but I can never really remember when Bruce Shell or the commissioners really listened to the citizens of the county. Now I do hope NHC is preparing for the "Worst Case Scenario" because I honestly believe you will see all these VFD's closed before July 1st. I agree all the fire departments need to be under one "patch" or department, but I think this should have been implemented through a period of a few years, not all at once. The model they are basing this whole idea on is on Odgen VFD, well let me enlighten you on why Odgen gave it to NHC Fire, it was because of POOR LEADERSHIP, the Chief at the time was a disappointment as a fire chief. He was one of those people that could follow but not lead and that bad apple at the top literally cause the depise of the the busiest and best firehouse in the county. The other three remaining departments on the other hand have great leaders, ones that have come through the ranks throughout their careers and have worked tireously to ensure the best fire protection for their citizens within their district and throughout the county. Bruce Shell, the County Commissioners and the Staff at NHC Fire really need to look over this plan and reconsider its current & projected deployment, I believe it needs to be restructured but not like it is right now, because I can tell ya, if it goes through as is on Monday, you will be looking at loosing between 100-200 volunteer firefighters which is double to almost triple the volunteer staff NHC Fire has at this current time. What it means is NHC Fire will be failing to meet NFPA requirements for providing equipment & staffing on the scene of an emergency.


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