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Insurance Ratings

I would also like to add that even reducing the insurance districts down to two will only be valid for a period of one year. After that one year,they will have to be reinspected for the "water shuttle" method so that will be based district wide and not soley on hydrants. Thats a great idea, but when and if the volunteer firehouses close the doors, that means there are no more tankers in NHC exception of maybe two or three small tankers that are in NHC Fires Fleet but nothing like the volunteer firehouses have. So that means they will have to buy a couple more tankers which will lead to a fire tax increase, or they could decide to stick to the fire hydrant base rating and that means the People in the Northern Portion of NHC (Wrightsboro & Castle Hayne) are screwed and going back to the basic 9S rating and that will RAISE their insurance premiums again instead of lowering like they have mentioned at public meetings and the media outlets. That also means that all the hard work that both the NHC Fire Staff and volunteer staff at Wrightsboro and Castle Hayne did for their ISO inspections will go down the drain because of the Power Hungrey NHC Commissioners and County Manager. So Wrightsboro & Castle Hayne Residents be prepared.

On a side note, Mr. Thompson how the hell do you get off thinking that the VFD's are social club???? Have you ever been a VFD in NHC, oh thats right, you have only been to two Fire Commission Meetings in two years and I bet both of those you attend were at the NHC EOC. Before you go running your mouth get you facts in line. By the way, whats the qualifications to be a a NHC Commissioner ???? Grow a set and come down to the last three remaining VFD's in NHC and see what they do for real on their training nights instead of reading BS paperwork that has been handed to you by people wanting to run out the volunteers.


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