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What the public dont see....

First, I support consolidation....If the public only knew how inexperienced some of these volunteer officers were on scenes, making bad decisions that can cost dearly. Granted we all make mistakes but the county assures their officers are TRAINED to a standard, the volunteer officers are not always trained. Just yesterday a volunteer officer at Wrightsboro got on scene and called a house fire a control burn and started cancelling units before he even verified what he had!!! He put lives at risk, we need people in there that are better trained and put their hands on the equipment everyday. Some volunteers maybe visit the station once or twice a month, they never or hardly ever check a truck off, or even take the time to train with the county staff to ensure efficiency. Its time we get a universal system! UNDERSTAND, the county is not doing away with volunteers, they are lying to you! You can still volunteer with the county! Even if they didnt consolidate, taxes will still go up, everyone knows the county needs more manpower anyway, 3 guys to a station DONT cut it! instead of griping, support more firefighters being hired. Everyone complaining, just wait till its your house and it burns down because there isnt enough people to help. The volunteers have their hearts in the wrong place by trying to make a fuss. This is the best thing that can happen. I could go on and on but hopefully you get the point. One more thing, there are a few great volunteers out there, I know them, but the times have changed, the liability is much greater.


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