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Backquoting from the main

Backquoting from the main article:

"I think that we need the people element. we need smaller government, not bigger government. and that if something works, we should leave it alone," said Wrightsboro resident Carolyn Parker.>

County Manager Bruce Shell says volunteer firefighters could continue to serve their communities and the transition would be a lot smoother with community support.

"There's a segment of the population that does not trust government, we've learned that. that's why we need to educate more on what we do," said Shell.

Shell will make his recommendation to county commissioners next Monday. The commissioners will have the final say on whether or not the county takes over the volunteer fire departments.

First, I wholeheartedly agree with Ms. Parker's statement. Less government, not more government. If something works, LEAVE IT ALONE.

As to Mr. Shell's comments; a SEGMENT of the population??? The last "segment" of the population that definitively spoke defeated a long-term incumbent County Commissioner by a close to two to one margin.

Government has worked hard indeed to earn the mistrust of the taxpayers and voters. Government's largest accomplishment has been the perpetuation of itself.

Mr. Shell further purports that we, voters and taxpayers need to be EDUCATED more in what government does. This is a condescending and arrogant statement of the worst order.

My modest advice to our county manager is to focus his efforts on CONVINCING the taxpayers and voters of the efficacy of his plans, doing this by releasing facts and figures completely and transparently.

All we need do is look at the efficiency and economy that the creation of the CFPUA has brought to the taxpayers and voters of New Hanover County.


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