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Meds are required in this situation!! S.T.A.T.!!!!

Birds of a feather flock together. So...Will Breazeale and Randy Crowe (both former Democrats) are back in bed together to mutually go after the standing Republican nominee. Both are crazier than hoot owls - you only have to read their fantastic conspiracy theories (the whole world is against them and that's the only reason they are PERENNIAL LOSERS) to know that there are serious psychological issues with these two. I sincerely suggest that Breazeale heed his court orders for a psych evaluation before he hurts himself and certainly hurts the GOP.

It would be entertaining to watch these two clowns self-destruct if weren't so detrimental to winning a seat for the GOP in November. The Cook PVI has almost doubled from R+5 to R+8 and is climbing. Pantano can very likely take this seat. But Breazeale is intent on earning himself a national reputation as a fraud and a clown just so he can have personal revenge for losing YET ANOTHER political election.

@ Breazeale: Look dude, after racking up multiple election losses across many years and both parties, you are delusional if you haven't realized by now that the only common denominator in all your losses is YOU.

You need to get on some appropriate meds - and quit embarrassing yourself with ludicrous conspiracies and rumors and ongoing idiocy.

@ NC-7: And what the heck, NC-7? Did you never ONCE read Randy Crow's hilarious loony tunes website? The guy is wearing a gigunda tin foil hat for all to see (the government has dabbled in his brain, you see), yet 14% of you gave him your vote. What is in the water out there, y'all?!!


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