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Any Job Creation

is a good thing. But, minor job numbers are not going to get this state out of trouble.

Since 2000, which happens to coincide with the beginning of the Easley Cash for Whatever promotion, there have been approximately 329,000 jobs created. Sadly, this has resulted in the addition of fewer than 13,000 "New" jobs. The remainder merely replaced other jobs which had been eliminated through layoffs, plant closings, and reductions in staff.

That equates to an approximate 4% increase in the number of jobs.

Care to guess what the % our population workforce increased?

There's a good question to ask the next time her Majesty wants to talk about jobs.

Prior to 2000, the beginning of the Easley administration, North Carolina had one of the most business friendly environments for businesses seeking to relocate.

It did not require massive subsidies. It merely took a government which understood businesses will not relocate to environments which tax the profits so severly they are better off shuttering the doors and letting the facilities rust away.

I'm not certain we have anyone in Raleigh who understands that. It's certainly a foriegn notion at the Governor's Mansion.


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