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Caster is for Sale...He Says

We have got to get rid of the self-serving crook Caster as soon as possible. The selfish jerk says nothing of serving the people. He cares only about himself and collecting checks.

Berger on the other hand is the exact opposite, he's out fighting for taxpayers and talking solutions to issues that matter to people's lives.

Berger might not even raise any money at all, he's so focused on helping people and good, clean government. Caster is a bought-off political floozy who has been connected to gross corruption for 20 years. He's a career politician and crook and his quotes say a lot about who he is and who he cares about...not you, not me, that's for sure.

Berger may not be a smooth talker, but he's the real deal and so unlike any politician and certainly so much better than caster in every way.

On June 22, vote for Brian Berger. Heck, throw him a ten-spot if you can. Talk to your friends. And then, on June 22, fill your car and go vote for Berger.

And Bill, PLEASE RETIRE. Don't be selfish for once in your life...just Retire. Anyone who has any morals whatsoever knows Berger is the right choice and Bill needs to go far away (or to jail) and never come back!!!


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