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Lets disect what your really

Lets disect what your really saying here:

your impressed with this "Young Mans consistency"- WHAT CONSISTENCY? He hasnt shown any consistency. He has switched parties just to try and get elected. He ran as a libertarianist twice, both failed elections, so he decided to switch to Republican because its "our year". Yet, he still believes in many libertaianist idea's such as not getting married, taxes should be VOLUNTARY, ALL drugs should be legal, and that there should be no zoneing laws. How are any of those values consistant with the republican values? oh yeah, there not!

"Courage in willing to take on special interests"- The only special interest he is taking on is the endorsment of two DEMOCRATS..but wait, hes a "republican".

"Brian represents a better future"- he dosent know how to give you a better future. He has never had to deal with a mutli-million dollar budget. He has NO experience. NONE what-so-ever..unless you count being a lobbiest for fortune 500 companies, just like TITAN! If you count that, than i guess thats some experience. He wont say how he will make our county better, he wont say what he will and wont cut to keep taxes down- because he dosent know.

Really think about who your voting for people. This man has no experience, just like Obama had no experience and after more than a year and 1/2 in office what has he accomplished? Not Much and he cant control the national emergency going on in the Gulf. Experience is a very valuable tool which we need in our county. Vote for caster who not only "says" he's against more tax increases, but Vows he's against tax increases.


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