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That's a bunch of bull!!!

I've been volunteering for beach cleanup for over ten years, from Hutaff to CB, While cig butts are there and have to be picked up, the majority of trash is kids toys, deflated rafts, broken chairs, broken umbrellea, more kids toys, water bottles, beer cans, diapers, shoes, panties, swim goggles, candy wrappers, chewing gum, bottle caps, broken surfboards, tents, towels, beach bags and wads and wads of fishing line with hooks....sigh....and the list goes on and on....

The fact is, cig butts are NOT 80% of the trash, try more like 0.05%! How many butts does it take to to displace the volume of a beach chair? Problems with your math...again? You do not have to exaggerate you story to express your disdain against smokers. So take their rights, take the rights of the rest as well. This is still America. People like you are KILLING it!

I am not a smoker and do not support it, but to single out smokers as the primary beach litter bugs is akin to saying that every mesquito bite will induce Aids and Malaria. It simply is not true, no matter how you try to skew the numbers. The trash is from ALL that use the beach.

So here goes, Ban smoking, Ban beach chairs use, Enforce the existing alcohol use on the beach laws, Ban children playing with plastic toys, Ban the use of surfboards, Why don't you just ban seagulls that crap all over the beach and humans too for that matter.

This isn't about smokers, it's about trashy people! Half of them live at WB, so ban THEM!!! (Remember, these are most of the same kids that are near ruining the access to Masonboro Island...only because of their TRASH)

This stuff about smokers is a bunch of mamby-pamby, side-lipped "me-me-me-me" whining. If you're going to jump on a soapbox to make something happen, choose the REAL problem instead of attacking a miniscule piece of a problem that may ACTUALLY be directed at a personal habit you don't like.


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