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Legislating Change is not cost effective

Your response was so excellent! Banning smoking on WB will not fix the problem. It doesn't even actually address the problem; therefore the solution will not be forthcoming. The problem is that somewhere during the course of American history, the Americans lost their manners and dignity. The result is a trashy littered beach and people complaining and fools trying to legislate a solution. The solution should start with one person, educating their young. Teach children to be responsible for their actions (i.e. littering), teach children to care for the planet, teach children to respect themselves and others (which would include nature).
How much is all this hype costing the community of Wrightsville Beach? How much will it cost the citizens to get this on a ballot? What will it COST the city to enforce this smoking ban? Will the send letters to the offenders (on paper- letterhead no doubt – with stamps on letterhead envelopes – typed by an hourly employee) beseeching them to pay their fines in a timely manner? Wrightsville Beach will obviously need additional resources for this smoking ban, new judges, court clerks, sheriffs and bailiffs, file clerks, oh and of course enforcement officers –or are they planning to deputize the year round residents, authorizing them to issue citations? How does the community plan to go about the collections process, for folks who don’t pay the fine that was imposed? Is this proposed ban even constitutionally legal? What is the definition of “pursuit of happiness” to a smoker? It might be cheaper to embark on a friendly advertising campaign, maybe they could post billboards on all the bridges as you enter the island…’Keep our part of America clean’! They probably can’t do that either, someone probably passed an ordinance banning billboards years ago, because they are so aesthetically unpleasant, to the extremely wealthy.
Oh yeah I am a smoker, none of my friends enjoy going to the beach with me because I am adamant about not littering and I fuss at them if they litter in my presence. I have stopped my car on the side of the road and literally thrown some of my best friends out of my car and drove off with them standing on the side of the road because they threw litter out. I just figured if they are going to litter, they can go right out with the trash they discarded, I don’t want them around me. It usually only takes once, for them to learn not to litter around me. I think I have a very effective training program.


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