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It would appear that the opinion is mixed on the beach. I for one have been going to Wrightsville for the last 35 years. I have seen a lot of changes, some good some bad. However, the trash issue is one that is not only unique to WB, it is everywhere! And yes, it is everyone's job to pick up what they leave. Sure, if I lived at the beach, I probably would have "my beach" syndrome too. It is just time that everyone takes care of themselves. I have sat on a local motel balcony and watched the "daytrippers" as well as those staying on the beach and it is about equal who dumps the most trash. But I saw one person leave their baby's dirty diaper on the street after changing it. How stupid is this person this is not their home!!!
But, the parking is another issue. I now only go to the beach from September to March 31. Staying at a beach front property is nice and not having to pay to park is even better. Money is a tempting thing and working in government I know that the $$$ are going away faster than they can be replenished. But $2 is a little steep.
Try day permits instead


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