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Parking & Smoking

I love having Wrightsville Beach available for all of us. The parking going up this year was a shock but, I'll deal with it as long as it stays sensible down here. The smoking ban, as a recovering smoker I never agreed with keeping smokers from smoking freely but I have to tell ya, it's sad to look down on the ground anywhere here and see how many butts and garbage are on the ground everywhere. I have traveled and hiked all over America and I can say I haven't left a butt on the ground since 1976. if I don't have an ash tray I carry it out in my pocket. What's wrong with picking up after yourself? I have to pick up after my dog for the freedom of walking where ever we go and we can't use the beach during beach season or, they fine us $250 per dog I just found out; why do people with kids and smokers feel it's such trouble to pick up your own garbage? Look at the slobs that use Masonboro Island> What is usually the outcome? Everyone gets punished. I would like that to quit happening. I don't have kids but I do have to deal with all of those rules to protect your children. So carry out what you carry in and be a real American.


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