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Knee-Jerk Reaction

Wrightsville Beach is having the same knee-jerk reaction that seems to be prevalent in society today...blame the smokers. It IS profiling, and I'm glad someone actually pointed that out. WHEN I smoke on the beach, it is a simple matter to keep my butts in one hand-made hole next to my chair, then put them in an empty drink bottle for disposal in the trashcans on my way out.

I don't know when we became the scapegoat for America's ills. I see trash, diapers, wrappers, drink bottles, etc left a lot more on the beach than cigarette butts. The largest population I see at all the beaches leaving trash are families with children.

So let's be honest. Ban children from the beach. Oh wait...that wouldn't be good or considered politically correct, would it? Who's the easiest target we can attack that will make it look like we're doing something? Oh yea! The smokers!!! We wouldn't want people to make the logical conclusion that we're unwilling just to actually ENFORCE the litter laws. We'll just attack a group of people, try to ban them, and make it all THEIR fault. It looks better.

So...lets forget the prevalence of residents drinking in their homes then walking around or driving around the island...attack the smokers.


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