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I stayed at a hotel five

I stayed at a hotel five minutes away from the beach. I went to the beach and was shocked at the $2/hr meter rate. I gathered all my coins together and it was $2.15. So I fed that coin sucking box. I got an hr and some minutes. As I was unpacking, I saw two ladies on a golf cart running around collecting the coins.
I figured I'll come back in an hr and feed that stupid coin sucking box again.

But I forgot and stayed there for 5 long hours. When I came back, I saw a can't-missed orange envelope on the windshield. "Uh oooh" came to mind. It was a $25/ticket for over meter fine. I thought "WTF is this?" In a crowded downtown ATL, over meter parking fine is $10. But in Wrightsville a whooping $25 ? Wrightsville beach might as well have a sign "NO VISITORS WELCOME!"

That was the first and last of my visit to this beach. At Wrightsville beach, the locals and the officals really make driving other folks away their full time jobs. Well take care Amigos, until all of you numb headed, money mongols grow the hell up and change the rules around there, no one in the right mind will make that beach their fav. spot to go to.


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