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Race Card continued.... for Gods sake..

Heres the thing. I am white, but I also have some black friends. I cant stand the gun toting, toothless ignorant trailor trash white people who make us look bad. I also cant stand the ebonics slurring gangstas walkin around with a 9mm sideways with their pants to their ankles and tighty whiteys showing thinkin they're this shiznizwizit. There are good people of which color doesn't matter and the stereotypes make us look bad. I apologize to all for my previous posting. The mannequin should not have been put up, and that dumba** should've thought about stuff like that prior. Idiot. I just see the race card pulled to often like they owe certain people something, but yes it is out still out there and even on both sides or comin from both directions. I am so against discrimination because of color that I even hate the term African-American. If you were born in the US then you are American of African descent. To be honest, I am a Soldier, US Army SGT, and I have fought next to good men and women of almost every ethnicity in Iraq myself. I would proudly fight next to and die for my battle buddy next to me for our Country, rights, and the families we do it for. Whites, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, it doesn't matter because in the US Army we're all Green. America was built on diversity no matter the way by which it came. The United States is the only country in the world that has diversity like we do. China is, guess what, all chinese with dark hair, etc. This was straight retarded and the dude should've thought about the repurcussions. We need to stop the stupid sh** people. Trust me, Im sometimes a harsh MF and not a bleeding heart by any means but were talkin about our own people, different color but same Nationality, same Race, Human. If we were to ever get invaded by another country like Russia or China, guess what...... There would be Rednecks with Shotguns, and Thugs with Glocks in the streets fuckin some shi* up son.... God Bless the USA and treat each other right....


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